Are Things Ever Really "Worth" What we Think They'll Be?

I'm still moving at about 90% of normal, following my recent bout of the flu. As such, I seem to "drift off" rather often, and find myself thinking about this, that and the other.



Mrs. Denmarkguy and I are in the long slow process of "downsizing" that often goes with the process of growing older. You reach a point where you realize that you really don't need all those things you once thought were "so important," as part of having the good life.

In our case, we have a good bit of "stuff" that came to us when our respective parents (and other elderly relatives) passed away... stuff that we perhaps never really had much of a use for, but we hung onto nonetheless, perhaps for "nostalgic" reasons.

The thing about a lot of the "stuff" we hold onto is that it often represents someone else's life, rather than our own. My parents' lifestyle really wasn't all that much like ours... and my mom and stepdad were definitely a lot more "materialistic" than we are.


Thankfully, I am rather well versed in the "fine art" of selling stuff on eBay... been doing so since 1998.

But I digress. One of the things my mother was always "on about" was that she felt I/we should keep a great many of their things, because they were "very good."

What the hell does that mean?

Of course, my mom was what you might call very "label conscious," and she placed a fair amount of important on how much things cost.

One of the realities of life that sadly escaped her is the fact that things aren't necessarily "worth" much, just because they are "fancy" and/or expensive. It's one of those situations where "dreamland" crashes head first into "reality!"


As I have discovered over the years with so many of the old things from my parents' house I have been trying to sell, which often turn out to "worth" no more than pennies on the dollar.

"Worth" is a funny thing, isn't it? Consider the things we acquire or invest in, with the idea that they will become worth something... and so often it turns out that they actually are not worth nearly as much as we hoped and expected.

Sure, we might remember the few things that ended up surprising us on the upside, but how many things were actually disappointing? My experience has been that most are.

No, I'm not disappointed in Hive, just because the price was driven down towards the 30-cent area by recent events in the Cryptosphere... but at the same time, I never harbored any illusions (delusions?) that were going to suddenly wake up to $10 Hive, anytime soon.


Similarly, I never harbored any illusions that the precious "trinkets" from my parents' house would ever have anywhere near the worth I was so often told they had. I'm glad when my mother's precious "$100 crystal bowls" can be sold for $10 + shipping... and that's even tough going, on the best of days.

Which brings me back to the whole idea of buying "stuff," and why we buy stuff... the lesson learned here is perhaps that the single best reason for having things is that you truly like and enjoy them, not because they have some alleged monetary value... chances are you'll be disappointed. The same holds true for art; buy it because you like it, not because you hope the artist will become famous...

And with that light thought, I'm going to head back to my eBay listings!

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great remainder of your week!

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I like cities that are on hillsides. That's why I like the second picture better.


What a wonderfully paced and written blog. 😊 And I agree with your sentiment - it's all a matter of perspective. As we get older our metrics change; we start to peek behind the curtain and see things for what they are: things. I think it's safe to say that placing your happiness on these things rarely works out, as people tend to lose themselves in the endless chasm of capitalism.

Moral of the story? Just chill out bro. 😂



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