The Beauty and Importance of Good Quality Sleep!

Mrs. Denmarkguy and I pretty much always have a cup of coffee together, first thing in the morning. You could call it a "ritual," of sorts.

And, as part of that ritual, we invariably talk about how we slept, the night before.


Sleeping is one of those things most of us take for granted. I mean, we all do it, and typically at least once in every 24-hour cycle. Right?

But is it good sleep? Because there is a difference between just sleeping, and sleeping well.

Some days, I wake up feeling like I slept, but that sleep was more like an endless repeating pattern of 10-minute naps than actual solid continuous sleep. I never used to think much about sleep when I was younger... because it was pretty much just a given.


Good sleep is the difference between waking up refreshed and ready to tackle another day... and waking up tired and headachy and wishing you could just dive back under the covers and forget about the day!

Alas, that's not a luxury I have ever been able to afford... and I increasingly doubt I ever will be able to afford it.

Insomnia has thankfully never been much of an issue for me... it's just the quality of my sleep that's sometimes lacking, and occasionally the problem is "disturbing" dreams that aren't outright nightmares, but they are disturbing enough that I can't just roll over and go back to sleep.


To be honest, though, I have never been very good at the recommended "8-9 hours of sleep" we humans should supposedly be getting. When I was in my 20's and 30's, I seldom would sleep for more than 6-6 1/2 hours per night.

Did I feel rested? No, not really... but with the workload I generally had, it seemed like all I could really "afford," in the sleep department.

Somehow, I "skated by" for a number of years like that... but it's not so easy, anymore.


The reason I find myself writing these words is that Mrs. Denmarkguy was away camping with a friend for a couple of days, and it gave me occasional to observe my own sleeping patterns with a little more care.

What still holds true at age 62 is that I will often wake up around 7:00-something in the morning and have a bit of a "debate" with myself as to whether or not I can "afford" to roll over and catch a couple more hours.

Old habits, I suppose.

I'm self-employed, so I don't have to start work at a particular time...


Regardless, I am tired of so often being tired. Literally.

Maybe I need to start meditating before I go to bed...

Thanks for visiting, and have a great Friday!

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Created at 2023-05-26 00:28 PST



I've had sleep issues since the 1980's. It's really hard sometimes to sleep 7 hours. Last night I was unable to get to sleep and then was up 2X in the night. Got a full day today too...