Zidane leaves the strangest gift to Leipzig in the 2006 World Cup

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Being part of an extraordinary event that only takes place every 4 years, may become a difficult equation for some, but because chance is better than 1000 date, and because fate usually intervenes at the last minute, the edges of the equation are sometimes complete, to make some heroes in a shot, or cause exciting facts that will not be erased from football fans' memory no matter how many years go by.

The France team that was a party in the final game of that edition before losing the title with fortune kicks against Italy.

But the Roosters, who managed to reach the 2006 German World Cup Final, were completely unsuccessful.

France fell into a group of "Switzerland - South Korea - Togo", and although everyone thought the Blue Team would easily qualify from that group, they failed in their opening game and fell into the trap of a scoreless draw against Switzerland.

Some thought it was a paralysis for France and would re-start in the next match, but this time the positive 1-1 draw dominated France vs South Korea in the second round of the group stage, in a match held at Leipzig's Red Bull Arena.

To be perfectly complicated in that group, the roosters' attitude has to be won in the third and final round of the group stage against Togo, in order to ensure qualification for completing competition among adults in the knockout stages.

Here it began to seem to some that France would not hold out long in that edition of the World Cup, and would probably be among the early depositors of the tournament.

Everything that happens to France, of course, is putting more and more pressure on the players, among them captain Zinedine Zidane, who has been upset and outraged by the roosters' inability to beat any team since the tournament, which was his last participation in the World Cup, began.

This prompted him to discharge his anger vigorously after coming off the pitch, specifically in the private area to get into the dressing rooms, where he dealt a very strong blow with his foot in one of the doors in that driveway.

The management of the German Leipzig Club, of course, got all that story and knew who the angry kick was on one of the doors in the dressing room aisle, so what did they do?!

The management of the Leipzig club decided to retain that kick pursuant to the principle of "Zinedine Zidane has passed from here one day", they put a golden frame around that kick reading "That gift from Zidane."

The Leipzig club still hold that kick to this day inside the first team football stadium, becoming Zinedine Zidane's strangest gift in World Cup history.

Of course everyone knows that France beat Togo and qualified for the last 16, and even reached the final to face an ambitious Italy team, before losing on fortune kicks and on a night that Zidane missed due to dismissal.

Zidane continued to lead the scene even in the 2006 World Cup Final, after his unethical act in the shot of Italy defender Naqat Materazzi, and without all the actions to resolve that crisis, Zidane only thought of his insulting what led to his total expulsion from the match.


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