Holiday Bear - easy draw & paint how to



Hello, friends!

Today I would like to share how I made this cute holiday bear, I used medibang paint app on my android tab. Here were the steps how I made it

First, I started from drawing the head part of the bear then I also drew the body, hands and also two feet. After that, I painted the head of the bear with brown. Then body and also two hands. I used different brown between the pen I used to draw, the brown to color the head and the body plus feet. For the area near mouth and nose part I also used different brown. Then I draw and color the eyes and nose with black. After that, middle ear and middle feet (paws) with brighter brown.


Next, I draw the red shawl, then gave the snowflakes on it. I also draw a green present with the red bow. After that, three pine trees on the back as the background.


I also added some snow on the tree, gave the blue background then I added the other layer to add the snow as the ground part.


Isn’t him cute?

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Thanks for reading my article, hope you like it and stay tune for more CRAFT things from me!

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