Ice Cream Cone Scissors Pocket & Fob – Easy DIY Needlework How to


Hello, friends especially needleworkers @needleworkmonday!

I am so glad that yesterday was Sunday again, the day where I could stay at home and doing my hobby, crafting and cooking. This time my craft idea came from my scissor fob (lamb shape, I made it a couple of year and now the ribbon was fuzzy so it is a time for me to make a new one) and also from my favorite desert, ice cream. So then I got it on my mind, why don’t I make a match scissors pocket and also scissors fob in ice cream cone shape… Now let me tell you about this project I just finished.

Project Time: around 6 hours

Difficulty: medium

Skills Needed:

  • Running stitch
  • Back stitch
  • Blanket stitch
  • French knot

Materials & Things Needed:

  • Unused brochure paper
  • A black marker
  • A Pencil
  • Scissors: both craft scissors and paper scissors
  • Felt fabrics in brown, light brown, and soft pink
  • Some embroidery floss
  • Sewing needle
  • A bit of the medium brown yarn

How I made it:


I started by drawing the ice cream cone shape on the brochure with my marker. I made it in the correct size for the craft scissors. And I also got off the lamb scissors fob (I would repair it later). Then I cut off the ice cream cone shape, to make it symmetric I folded it in the center before I cut it off.



I then transferred the shape to the brown felt. Cut off, it would be the back part of the pocket. Then I transfer the top shape also in a paper, then I drew the under part of it with the shape I wanted for the ice cream, also I cut the paper off.



After finished, I copied transferred the ice cream shape to the soft pink felt, and then I also cut it off.



Now that the ice cream finished, I copied the cone part to the medium brown felt. Then cut it off. Look all of the parts of the ice cream cone scissors pocket parts were all well cut.



Then I made a smaller ice cream cone on the paper, cut it off then copied it to the medium brown felt and also cut it off.



After that, I cut the ice cream part from the soft pink felt then the cone part with the medium brown too. Then, small ice cream cone parts were also well cut.



Now sewing time, I started by making the back stitches for the small cone on the cone part. Then some french knots on the ice cream.



Continued with the lines with yellow color and pink french knots on it. Then I cut a bit of the medium brown yarn and I also knotted it. I joined the back part of the small ice cream with the front cone part with the back stitch around. Then I put the yarn inside.



I did the blanket stitches to join the pink ice cream part to the back part. Yeay, the scissors fob now cutely done.



I did the lines on the cone part of the large ice cream. Then made the lines, french knots on the pink ice cream part. I used 12 strands of the turquoise for the french knots to make it bigger. After it finished, I then joined the front cone part to the back with the blanket stitches. I also closed the back stitches I made, to make it closer to the blanket stitches.



Done with it, my last thing to do was joining the pink part with the back part, I also used the blanket stitches for this part. I did it for the whole pink ice cream area.



Voila, now I am so glad with the result.


It could save my craft scissors so well, and now my scissors also had a cute small cone ice cream fob too.

How do you think of it?

Thanks for having my article, hope you enjoy it and follow me for more CRAFT things!

To make the cover I used Incollage app and the pictures were taken with Samsung A52 5G.



Me encanto su creación es algo original y hermosa, la felicito 🤗

I loved your creation, it's something original and beautiful, I congratulate you 🤗


You made a good decision for choosing to create a scissors pocket in ice cream style because it turned out awesome.

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