Vegetable Fritters - Easy Peasy Cooking (experiment) How to



Veggie could also be tasty, if you know how to cook it well!

Hello, friends especially foodies!

Last Sunday I had some free time, so I tried to make us vegetable fritters with what I had in the fridge, and some flour I had. Just follow me, how I turned it to

The ingredients:

  • A carrot - steamed
  • Half baby cabbage
  • A leek
  • Around 75 gram Multi purpose spices flour
  • 6 tablespoon Cassava flour
  • Powder chicken broth
  • An egg
  • Salt

How I processed them:

After had washed the veggies then I steamed the carrot first then I cut it. Also I cut the cabbage and leek like below.


Then I prepared the dough in a bowl, I put on the multipurpose spices flour, an egg, cassava flour, a bit of powder chicken broth and also salt in it. After that I mixed them well.


Then I put the veggies on the same bowl, mixed and stirred with the dough.


Then I prepared the oil to fry on the pan, then put some of the veggie with dough in there, I well fried it, turned it until all well cooked.


On my trial, 2 pcs cooked well while one other was a mess, lol. Here how after I well cooked it..


One on the left was crispier while on the right was thicker and had more flour. Both tasted so great, in savory flavour with crunchy soft texture, hmm yummy!

Why don’t you try this at home to?

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The photos were taken with A52 Samsung 5G and for the cover I used Canva.

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Count me in on anything fritters🤗, talk more of a healthy one. I love this
I wouldn't mind the Messy one if it's unwanted 😄🤪