Can't help falling in love (2017)


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Hello cinetv lovers! Best wishes to everyone!

Have you ever felt like you didn't know what to watch, then you just watched a movie without any expectations for the movie you were watching?

Last night, I did just that. Because I was confused about what to watch, so I just watched movies on Netflix. I really have no expectations about this film. To be honest, because I very rarely watch films from the Philippines, at first I felt a bit strange hearing a new language, but I still continued watching. Because the story is light, I enjoyed it even I got carried away. The title of the film is Can't help falling in love and was released in 2017.


Gab (Kathryn Bernardo), a girl who has a pretty brilliant career dating Jason for six years. They have a long distance relationship because Jason lives in America. Jason returns to the Philippines and surprises him by proposing to Gab. They both plan to get married next year. However, when he started preparing for the wedding, something surprising happened to Gab. She got a letter from the court stating that she had legally married a man. Then, he met the man named Dos (Daniel Padilla), and it turned out that the two of them had drunkenly married at a mass wedding. Gab works with Dos to annul their wedding by doing things their lawyers suggest. They were often together, until they finally realized that they were in love with each other.

Will they be together? Who will Gab choose?

You better watch it yourself because I don't want spoilers, Lol. However, I think this film is worth watching. The story is light and there are several lessons to be learned.

The message I got from this film

  • Don't let other people including your partner make decisions for your life.

  • Don't waste time, Even a second of time you spend with the person you love is valuable.

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