My Choice Of Simplicity.



Women and fashion are like 5 and 6, we want to always look beautiful. Some women become too obsessed over fashion, you see them thinking too much of what to wear that will make others admire them. The flashy ones are looking for the next expensive designers to buy, no matter the price what they want they get.


From when I was a kid till now, I have always chosen simplicity in my fashion. I just love to dress simple and smart, looking sharp instead of being too obsessed for designers. I love women when they put on this clothes and they look very beautiful, but for me personally I know I'm already beautiful and I see no need trying to over compliment my beauty with much clothes and flashy wear, I just love to go on the simple mode, wear what people would not notice me too much and as well don't look down on me.

It is quite unfortunate that what most women wear today as fashion is something else, nudity has completely find it's place in fashion. Woman now get comfortable exposing their sensitive parts all in the name of fashion and that keeps me wondering how we got here. When I go to a boutique, most of the clothes I see there are the ones which when you wear them can really exposed your body and it surprises me that those clothes are very expensive too.

Even though I don't like to wear flashy clothes that much, I wear them once in a while to also feel among, when the pressure is too much we women don't usually know how to control it, some times we the stubborn ones still fall for this modern trending fashion, but after everything will go back to where we belong. I wear shorts sometimes when I'm feeling hot, but hear in Africa you have to be really careful when, where and in the presence of who you are putting on the short, because the people around us condemm it a lot, when they see you as a girl putting on short outside they see you as a prostitute or something like that, even when we don't have such motive in minds, that is why I hardly put on such wears, because I'm a kind of girl who cannot withstand people thinking too negative about me, although you still find many girls out there wearing this clothe and they never care what anyone thinks of them, they do it their own way.

I love fashion, but I have made simplicity my choice when it comes fashion.

Thank you.


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