Social Media A Double-Edged Sword.



Social media has been one of the best and also the worst thing that has happened to us in this our generation. Since the creation of social media, the lives of humans has not been the same, it has really impacted us a lot. It has spread all over the world, you can easily get into social media with the blink of an eye, although few are yet to be aware of it.

Today you find both the young and the old on social media, even kids who haven't know anything yet already own a social media account. Parents now open accounts for their kids even before they could think of it, this is usually common among celebrity parents who also wants there children to continue from where they stopped.

Fakes lives


Like I said earlier, social media is now filled with kids. And you know anything full of kids, you can expect all sort of things to happen both bad, good and the ugly. All of things is really going on today on social media, you see people living a copied lifestyle of a celebrity who they don't know from Adam, children engaging in nudity, people trying to scam people and depriving them of their hard earned money.

You find many youths depressed, all because they could not live an expensive lifestyle they see on social media, that is why crime rate is increasing. We heard a story of a girl who met a girl on Facebook, they were chatting and everything were looking all good and rosy, the guy has promised her heaven and earth. So she decided to go and see this her social media lover one day, we never knew that would be a journey of no return. It was discovered that the guy she went to visit drugged her, cut her private parts and dumped her on the way, you can see she was in love with a ritualist who ended her life so soon, this is what social media can do.

I'm not saying that social media is all bad, from the title I made it clear that social media is a double-edged sword. People has made it through social media, they have grown their business, build a large network, and have been influenced positively. But what I have to say is that, you have to be self-discipline and you need to have grace for you not to be affected negatively, because that is where you can easily loose it.

Thanks to Decentralized social media

Decentralized social media like Hive, Serey, Blurt , Steemit etc has been different from others so far, we know it promotes freedom of speech and most important value. You rarely find nudity and unserious people here because they can't cope. When you can't add value, you will not be supported and that is the best. I'm hoping someday decentralized social media will dominate the world so we can reduce negative impacts.

Thank you.