What is really the difference between Hard and Smart Work?



Hello friends, how are you all doing?.

We have been hearing people say for you to get the life you want and deserve,you must really be work hard.

But we all know working hard is not really the problem, if we are to get the required results we want, it must be done in the right direction, that came about smart work, doing the right thing at the right time.

Where my questions is coming from is that people now separate hard work from smart work, it is either you are doing it smart or you are doing it hard. But I still think the two still work together, because smart work still depends on hard work, it is only when you are hardworking in the right direction that they call you smart.

You can't always be smart without being hardworking also, I might be wrong that is why I threw it as a question to the house, you might as well share your thoughts.

Thank you.