A trip to remember


Each year they made themselves a promise. "This is the year we finally do it, take our well deserved vacation together". At the last minute something would always come up. This year, Emma and Patrick decided it would be different and so it was.

It was the perfect day for a drive. The sun was shining, the sky was a brilliant blue, and the couple was ready to explore the city after spending the last three days couped up in their hotel room.
They had heard so many wonderful stories about the area and were excited to finally be able to experience it for themselves. Emma had packed a picnic basket while Patrick made silly noises and sounds about them being too old for picnics. Emma, the hopeless romantic of the pair had sent him away to fill up the tank while saying it was never too late to express love. After much preparation they were done and ready to hit the road.

After a few hours of driving, they decided to take a break and stopped at a small diner. Emma insisted that they wait until they got to the field but Patrick had grumbled and groaned that a man's stomach waits for no one. She sat quietly opposite him glaring all through as he ate his hamburger and fries. They continued their journey, bickering through the rest of it until they both realized they had missed a turn or two and now they were lost.
"This is all your fault,if you had just focused on the road this wouldn't have happened", Emma nagged.

Patrick kept quiet because he knew in situations like this there was no win for him. After some minutes later Patrick said, "Why don't we just keep going and see if we will find someone to direct us out". They drove for miles, taking turns down different roads.

Emma gasped.
"What is it!!!?"
"Look at that field, it's so beautiful"
"So?, is that why you almost gave me a heart attack thinking you were having a heart attack".
"Stop the car Pat"
"Emma you are not listening to me. Why would I stop the car, we are-"
"Remember our first date, and the second and the third"

Patrick turned off the engine and chuckled because they had all been disasters but yet here they were fifty years later.
"Those were the good times. I just want to have some of those good times again. Now all we do is argue and get on each others nerves. So Pat I want to feel young again and walk in the fields with the man I chose to spend my life with. Is that too much to ask?".

Patrick sighed, "I'm sorry Em. I miss those times too"
The got out of the car, entering for field. They talked reminiscing and laughing about the past.
Patrick sighted it first, "look Em, a vendor". The vendor was selling animal skins, and the couple was intrigued. They had never seen anything like it before and decided to take a closer look. The vendor explained that the skins were from wild animals, mostly deer and boar. He also showed them some of the finished products he had created, such as bags and wallets.
The couple was amazed by the craftsmanship and decided to purchase a few items. As they were paying for their purchases, the vendor asked them if they were looking for something else.

Patrick replied saying they had lost their way because he was not focused on the road and they were trying to find their way back to the location he pointed to on his brochure.
"It wasn't your fault Patrick, I shouldn't have been distracting you. I'm sorry too".
Patrick smiled. It had been a really long minute since Emma took the fault for something. She had been right. This trip did do them both good. The vendor directed them back to the highway where they could easily ask around and get to the place they wanted.

The couple thanked him and left.
"You know Pat now that I think of it I don't want to go for some boring romantic picnic".
"You want to keep walking around, don't you?", he smiled.
Emma looked around sighing contentedly,"Yes, everything I love in the world is right here".
Patrick laughed, "I can't wait for our hundredth year vacation" earning himself a punch from Emma but she was smiling peacefully and that was all that mattered.


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Such a great conducive, calm and serene environment for a vacation

It's fun you know and I'm quite sure Patrick and his counterparts did have a great time


I loved reading the dialogue between the two and that age doesn't matter if it comes to walking the fields. Interesting is how each date and trip turned into a disaster but they are still together.

Thank you for joining pic1000. 👍