My Version Of Nigerian Palm Oil Rice

Hello foodies, I'm back again with a tasty Nigerian delicacy called palm oil rice. The palm oil rice is also called MTN rice😀. This is because it has the yellow colour of the MTN network logo.


  • Rice
  • Ice Fish
  • Palm oil
  • Groundnut oil
  • Crayfish
  • Scent leaf
  • Maggi cubes
  • Pepper
  • Onions
  • Salt
  • Water

I started preparing my special delicacy by bringing out all my ingredients. The onions, pepper, fish etc.

My ingredients of pepper, onions, scent leaf, Maggi cubes and crayfish

I washed my pot and washed my fish and put them in the pot.

My fish-before washing

I seasoned it with pepper, onions, Maggi and salt and a little water. Then I cooked it for about 5minutes. I then seperated the fish from the seasoning water to avoid the fish getting too soft.

The water from my seasoned fish

After this I fried my fish.

My fried fish😀

This is because I dont like to eat cooked fish. I prefer my fish fried. I covered both the fried fish and seasoning water properly and proceeded to my rice.

I washed my rice and per boiled it then I kept it aside.

My per boiled rice

I placed my empty pot on the fire and made sure the pot was dry. I added my red palm oil and a little groundnut oil and waited for it to get heated. (Someone out there will be wondering why I added the groundnut oil, we'll see later).

Heating my palm oil and groundnut oil

When the oil was cleansed, I put my onions and peppers and fried it a little. I then added a little water and stirred. I added my Maggi cubes, salt and crayfish and left it to boil.

When it boiled, I added my rice and stirred to get the ingredients properly mixed. I covered the pot and left it to cook. I checked the pot from time to time till the water dried. I tasted if it was soft, as expected it wasn't.
At this point I added the fish's seasoning water. The seasoning water was enough to cook the rice till it softens thereby adding more taste to it.

After this, I added a bit more of palm oil to add more colour to the food.

As the seasoning water began to dry, I sprinkled my scent leaf on the rice but didn't stir. After the water dried completely I stirred the rice, placed my fried fishes on top and my delicious rice was ready!

Food is ready!

One might be wondering why I added groundnut oil and fried my ingredients before cooking... The groundnut oil and frying method gives the rice a glowing colour. It stops the grain of rice from sticking together.

My yummy palm oil rice

Thank you all for reading.
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Your's Truly