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Mira spinned around in her newly donated soft leather seat, with headphones on while whistling aloud to the rhythm of the music. She's always been introverted and timid, but has been let out of her cage to fly and perch wherever due to her latest prowess in acquiring the top man in the city into the company's books. She'd always dreamt about this day, but she never knew it would come so fast.

Her weird combo of corporate gowns with sneakers had already erased every iota of anonymity from her record at work, but unfortunately, the comments were never positive. Her new found status meant that the ambience in the office felt much more comforting. The air tasted better, the floor felt much more velvety, her seat became a flight mechanism with which she transpnded through the different tables and her walk had a smooth and seamless kick to it.

It was just two days and everything in the universe seemed to be conniving to satiate her innermost lusts. She spinned in her chair again, awoken from her little dreamy tour of the mind by the cackle of her cell phone.

"I need to change this damned ringtone" she thought to herself as she slammed the electronic device to her ears without checking who the caller was. "The universe has got my back" her heart chimed as she bellowed a confident "hello" at her caller. Her eyes popped out of its sockets as the answer came reeling back from the other side.

It was an unmistakable voice that she had been actively trying to avoid up until now. The message was delivered and she knew that her fate was sealed. There was no way she was saying no to her caller.

"I guess the universe isn't with me today" she whispered to herself as she carefully replaced the phone on the table, contemplating her next scheme of action. It was her mom calling to invite her over for a ritualistic family dinner where the innocence of single but ripe ladies are served for consumption on the platter, in the full glare of the whole family.

As if in a flash, her confidence levels receded at a pace faster than it had appreciated. Her workspace instantly became thorny and she could feel the trickle of warm sweat traveling down her temples. And she knew that if she dared stay back, her home will become worse, a target practice for her mom's most venomous verbal exhibitions.

Flinging her tote bag over her shoulders, she dashed out of the office in a bid to spare herself the disgrace of having an anxiety attack in the office. She got home, showered and went about the most difficult time of a woman's life, 'finding what to wear to a dinner'. Twenty minutes later, and after scouring through her wardrobe, flinging a full box on the bed, she finally decided on a short red gown which was a gift from her ex whom she dated but who never dated her.

She immediately squeezed herself into the gown and was surprised at how it fitted perfectly. She was a slender girl of average height. She was particularly flat growing up and through college which earned her the pseudo 'flat mate'. She had small frail hands that hung loosely off her body frame, slender straight legs that were occasionally complimented as her only selling point, a face that boasted of a sharp pointed nose in between dreamy, watery eyes and full lips that made her look like she was pouting most of the time.

She was occasionally termed 'beautiful' but scarcely labeled as ugly. But a spin in the mirror that night showed that there was improvement in her outlook, an addition of a few inches vertically on her chest and her behind. She knew that if she wore a skirt without a waistband, it might hang on after all, at least till she got home.

"No wonder the dress fits perfectly" she whispered to herself smiling as she left for the dinner. Or perhaps party as she found out few minutes later. Apparently her mom had taken the liberty of inviting, in her words 'veritable suitors' for the occasion. Mira strolled into the sitting room waving and smiling at everyone, pretending not to understand what was going on. But her every move seemed to be monitored by overzealous and creepy looking boys who seemed to be blood thirsty for her V-shaped apple.

She was attracting a lot of flies, but instead of being like a beautiful flower attracting colorful butterflies, she felt like a faeces attracting noisy house flies. There was the stammerer who kept on tapping on her hands just to be able to complete a sentence, the body-body who seemed to have more sense in his muscles than his brain.

But the worst was the foamy-mouth with white linings by the side of the mouth. Immediately their eyes locked and he took steps towards her, Mira couldn't stand the mockery anymore, she needed something to help her calm her nerves. Immediately she turned and grabbed a glass full of whine, or what she thought was whine and emptied the cup at a gulp.

Unknown to her that she just gulped a full glass of beer and she was histamine intolerant. Few minutes later and she started feeling itchy, her skin turning red and her nasal ways getting clogged. She woke up hours later still looking pale and unable to go to work. The queen is down, and her only kingdom about to be usurped. She was back to the roots. How she will get back up, she does not know.

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Mira has received an invitation that makes her uncomfortable. Perhaps she has not achieved the goal of being a wife, which some women long for and which society as a whole has reserved for her. Perhaps in waking up from her allergic process she has been relieved to be able to leave that place where she felt put under observation. Thank you so much for this story, @diikaan. We appreciate your comments on other stories.