The advertising media and its relationship as an instrument for the sale of your products.

Every day consumers are surrounded by numerous advertising messages, represented in the numerous channels of communication, which is why advertising is closely linked to society, that is, its cultural area is historically subject to the economy, since its primary purpose is to promote the sale of products.

That is why some marketers say that selling is an art, promoting the consumption of products through the media without considering how big the companies are, since the common goal is to reach the consumer's mind to satisfy their needs.

Therefore, advertising arises from the invention of electricity and progress is attributed to the emergence of different media, specific cases are radio, television, press as the most relevant that as its positioning has been used by different entrepreneurs to achieve their main objective.

Therefore it is necessary to have a link with the organizations, as well as to adapt to the demands of consumers, becoming an integral part of the economy, not only in developed countries, but also in the less advanced in the advertising theme.

Consequently, globalization, the advancement of technologies have granted the freedom of the Internet, a scenario that has undoubtedly displaced other advertising media that were traditionally used by entrepreneurs to offer products.

Accordingly, it is considered that advertising requires several elements and steps to be launched to the public, considering in turn that several days must pass to know the acceptance or rejection of the message, as well as the medium used, as it will allow to drive the consumer to make the purchase of products.

Finally, the advertising media are considered as the technological tools in which the messages are inserted since they are highly accepted by consumers and are part of their daily life.