The newest company TWITTER and its request for licenses to allow PAYMENTS with FÍAT AND CRYPTOACTIVES through the social network.

First of all I want to give a big greeting to all the friends of the hive and especially to the members of this prestigious community such as Leo-Finance. I want to share with all of you this post related to the new application of Elon Musk requested regulatory licenses in the United States to receive payments with fiat currency and cryptoassets through Twitter.

The news about the expansion of the use of blockchain every day becomes more evident, a few months ago Elon Musk had the fantastic idea to buy Twitter, since this company was stagnant and destined to fail, no doubt this entrepreneur with his ingenuity and particular business skills saw a great opportunity to put his business stamp and take advantage of it.

That is why today is energizing Twitter as he said at the time to bring this company to better economic and financial position, which is requesting a license to allow payments through the social network, his plan together with his team is that it can serve to make payments with Fiat currency at first and in the short term also with cryptoassets.

This initiative is one of the most innovative if it comes to fruition and will serve as a guide and stimulus for other entrepreneurs who believe in cryptocurrencies, no doubt that the billionaire wants to turn Twitter into a financial industry with the application of technologies, economic and investment activities that would be a revolution, that is, "Fintech", where he would have the services of having savings accounts, acquiring debit cards and making transactions between peers.

To conclude we can highlight that with these actions taken with the entrepreneur would be turning Twitter into one of the best applications with a wide variety of multiple functions that no other social network offers, leaving a clear present to the success and financial vanguard.