Fog and Night in the Capital City || My Monomad Challenge [ENG/ESP]



People walking along Corrientes Avenue at night and in the background the obelisk of Buenos Aires.


One of the buildings surrounding the obelisk and the great square of the republic, right next to it is a viewpoint.


On the other side of the avenue is another attractive building housing the BBVA bank, and next to it is the Hotel Republica.


Finally, the great and popular obelisk in Buenos Aires.

Greetings friends! We can never stop photographing let alone seeing scenery in our minds that is fantastic in black and white. These photos that I present to you today in my monomad challenge were from an ordinary day, I wasn't exclusively going out to take pictures, it just happened!

I went out with some friends for a drink on the weekend and we were walking around the city at night, but even though it looked like it was very cold it wasn't, instead it was very humid and foggy, so it was tolerable since we are in winter and if some of you know, winters in Buenos Aires are impressively cold.

These photos were taken in and around the obelisk of Buenos Aires, as we were passing through the street corrientes and this way I also show you the buildings around this emblematic area of the city.


Saludos amigos! No podemos parar de fotografiar nunca y mucho menos ver escenarios en la mente que son fantásticos en blanco y negro. Éstas fotos que hoy les presento en mi reto monomad el día de hoy fueron de un día común, no estaba exclusivamente saliendo a tomar fotos, solo sucedió!

Salí con unos amigos a tomar algo en fin de semana y estuvimos caminando por la ciudad en la noche, pero aunque pareciera que había mucho frío no era así, en vez de eso había mucha humedad y neblina, así que se podía tolerar ya que estamos en invierno y si algunos conocen, los inviernos en Buenos Aires son impresionantemente fríos.

Éstas fotos fueron tomadas en el obelisco de Buenos Aires y los alrededores, a nuestro paso por la calle corrientes y de esta manera también les muestro los edificios alrededor de esta emblemática zona de la ciudad.

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These photographs are spectacular, they look as if they were from the 60's, a cosmopolitan Buenos Aires in black and white.