Gipsy Kings - Pharaon ( Live, With Some Improvising ) Cover By: @discouragedones

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Hello to all my friends in the Hive community. today i want to share with you a instrumental music that i recently performed in a concert. one of the best beautiful music in the world, which all of you must have heard, an extraordinary and very beautiful and relaxing song. "Pharaon" song by Gipsy Kings, i like this song very much. sometimes we need to listen to music without words to express our feelings. i personally like instrumental music very much because it is really full of feelings and unspoken words that the heart can't express its feelings when it is instrumental music that can translate the feelings of one person to others. i'm a quiet and shy person who speaks very little and the guitar and music without words are like a savior for me who can express my feelings and moods to others.

Let me talk about the concert. last week, i was invited by my friends to participate in the concert and i performed as a nylon guitar and electric guitar player. It was a good experience for me and i was satisfied with my performance. in this concert, we had chosen 10 songs for performance, and i decided to perform a silent song in this concert. and what better song than Pharaon!!!. i improvised a lot in this song. i had downloaded the backing track of this song from YouTube a long time ago and i tried to make some changes and actually i wanted to challenge my creativity. in this performance, two rhythm guitars, drums and bass guitar are also used. i hope you like this performance.

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My Gear:

Electric Guitar: Ibanez X Series 300FX
Nylon Guitar: Hoffner HAC 204 CE BK
Multi Effect: BOSS GT100

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Amazing performance, loved it! Here in Spain we would say at a performance like this: bravo! tones of times...

Thanks so much for sharing it with us.