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Hello Steemians!

After successfully integrating DLIKE as a community feature, here is one big announcement for all steemians.


Subscribe To DLIKE Community - Earn 30 DLIKER Tokens

If you have not yet subscribed to DLIKE community, then subscribe now as we are offering 30 DLIKER tokens for every subscriber. This offer is for all new subscribers as well as already subscribed users. To subscribe to DLIKE community -->

This offer will be available till 20th March.


Share On DLIKE - Earn 70 DLIKER Tokens

In addition to subscription we are offering 70 DLIKER tokens for all users who will share posts on DLIKE till 20th March starting from today. We have already added new feature to write posts on DLIKE platform, so in addition to sharing, you can now write posts on DLIKE with many useful features included in our HTML (WYSIWYG) editor.


Subscribe + Share on DLIKE -  100,000 DLIKER Tokens for grab

So to get started with DLIKE community feature, you can earn 100 DLIKER tokens by subscribing and sharing posts on DLIKE. In total we are giving away 100,000 DLIKER tokens so early users will reap more benefits.


DLIKE NEW Posting Feature

we are testing a new feature on DLIKE to write your own story for users who like to write posts instead of sharing. To test this feature check -->

We will be happy to see feedback on this new feature!


DLIKER market link in steem-engine exchange is -->


DLIKE Daily Reward Pool (7000 DLIKE)

We pay 7000 daily DLIKE tokens to our users on daily basis as per the activities on their shared posts. You can check your DLIKE daily reward pool details -->


Join DLIKE as Programmer come Partners

We are looking for expert programmers for android and ios development. If you are expert in any or both you can contact us to join DLIKE as partners.

We are thankful to @fundition for supporting and funding dlike project.

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@dlike, Congratulations team and hope that this Story Feature on Dlike Community will be used effectively and in numbers. Good wishes from my side and stay blessed.

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