2 Full Years Of Halloween? #APART



Blessed Sunday!

I took this pic earlier in the month and thought I'd save it for the actual day! /until I figured something substantial-ish to write about. I took the pic at an outlet-mall. Based on the logo above this decorated spot, we know who the sponsor is.

Play the Halloween Dub Link at the end of the blog while you read for a more immersive experience!

My thoughts on Halloween in these times.

Over the past 2 years we have been wearing masks, it is like two full years of halloween; people hiding their faces behind masks, the fear of not having your mask on in a public space, the looks you get when you are not wearing one and the overall unease strangers show you on the streets at times pulling up their masks to protect themselves from the "evil unseen spirit".

It is quite annoying seeing people put their mask on properly when you walk near them because you aren't sure what they are actually thinking. On one hand they could be thinking, "I should put on my mask as it is the right thing to do, maybe I have the C and I don't want to spread it". But knowing human nature, they are probably thinking, "let me put my mask up, I don't know if this person has covid, and he is a foreigner so it is more likely". Fear all around in this extended halloween season.

Trick or Treat

So the governments around the world in developed countries have been giving out treats, AKA "stimulus cheques". A treat that many will find is actually a trick as the taxes will rise. In developing countries there were no treats just straight up tricks and the taxes will rise regardless. Other treats and tricks on the horizon ( or already rolled out at a government agency near you) are the covid passports that actually expire in a few months. So you thought you would just get two shots and you would be good to go? No no no, if you wanna keep that treat ( the covid passport) you gotta get continuous shots to reap the "treats" of babylon.

So you can see, halloween has been going on for 2 years. Many more trick and treats to come, so get your masks on and bring your candy bag aka your work bag so you can build up the pension system full of treats hoping you will get some of the sweet candy. We all know how that story ends.

Happy Halloween, there are many trick and treats out there, may JAH guide you and yours on an enlightened path to prosperity and spirituality, entwined with the new decentralized economy that is crypto.


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