A Video Post card from Cape Cod and Happy to have found #3speak again

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I recently was regretting having lost track of the Hive connected form of 'youtube' when, in the usual way on Hive, a lovely online friend and commentor reminded me what it was called,
Odd, of course, as I'd been uploading a few videos early on when I was beginning my foray into Youtube.

Thus, with a quick search I've found the platform again and plan on uploading my videos here again. I can't quite recall if my posting it through #3speak just automatically places it in Hive as a blog post?

I know I do share my youtube vlogs every so often embedded in my other vlogs here, but I feel many (and on some level so do I) are not fans of Youtube. Though I really like my small community of followers there (They are so kind and thoughtful) I do know that the idea of not only posting to Youtube is just a good idea.

I'm happy to have found my way back to 3speak. Now my next conundrum is to figure out how to access one's wallet on here. I know it is connected to hive, but when I click on 'wallet' here it opens a prompt for a key that I seem to know remember...Hopefully, as is often the case, when I give out the call for help the Hive some kind perosn eventually helps me in comments and then usually in discord.

Now in this video I'm just sharing a short walk and pontification as I'm trying to move to shorter videos more often to better allow me to continue to share snippets of my life as well as making my art and gardens here in New England. Yet, I need the time to get sketching and artwork done, so I'm hoping shorter vlogs, such as this , will dovetail nicely with daly work in my studio and sharing some of that in the future as well.

I'm happy to be back on 3 speak and look forward to sharing some of my back catalog and of course my continued frequent newly created videos as well. As we move closer to Winter my desire to slip back more into Online Living seems to be calling me :)

I hope all of you have a lovely day and remember Stay Creative!

IF you'd like to follow my Work Here are some Links:
My Website
My Youtube Channel Vlog

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