Sketching by the Seaside on a Sunny Autumn New England Day: A Walk by the Bay


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Today I'll share another postcard walk with you. It was a sunny warm Autumn day when I filmed this and sketching, as I usually do, took place in the out of doors.

It's lovely this time of year and as I often make little still lives of my annual flower planters and also any leftover pumpkins in my garden, they end up in my sketch book quite a bit this time of the year.

Though I'm actually getting rather exctied for Christmas just now, even looking forward to snow, there is still that magic of the ochre and golds of the beaches and woods round here this time of the year, so I hop you enjoy a little moment of them in my video for an escape of sorts.

I've since finished this NFT and it is available on my makersplace (tho the animated version is still not uploaded, but on it's way there)

I've also been happily creating a new less expensive series of NFT at the wonderful #nftshowroom, so do check that out if you get a chance.

I hope you enjoyed my little video esccape and remember to Stay Creative!
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