Painting a Still life I made from the last of the Flowers in my Cutting Garden and a Vlog


I sketch each day and often that leads to a quick painting. The day I did this, just a few days ago, I was out in my cutting garden seeing what flowers were still going strong.

The Straw flowers, which I grow from seed started indoors in March, are always wonderful and you dry them so easily to keep year round.


I specifically grew this shade as I am in the process of growing out and trialing as many 'apricot' coloured flowers as I can find. These are annuals, so I will collect and keep the seed, but also perrenials and shrubs, like roses and such, in the apricot /peach tones. I have it in my head to make a little apricot coloured garden one day, but I digress...

I took these and a few of the wonderful new variety of Big marigolds I also planted from seed, (These were just sewn directly in the bed where I had transplanted my Sprint started annuals.) I knew, as soon as I cut these and grabbed the last Liberty apple on my three that I needed to nab some of the Acer leaves (Japanese Maple) before they were gone. (IT was good timing ass they were curled and dropped yesterday with the rain.

I love this tree and it is 'huge' by Japanese maple standards go, as my hubby ( @winstonalden) his grandmother planted this over 70 years ago. I knew the Bold Red would look wonderful with the few flowers and also one of my last pumpkins, picked this day as well. So, I set up a still life on the terrace with the azure Autumn Cape Cod sea behind.

You can see how such an inspiration can make a gal get out her sketch book and draw, which I did. And then , on certain days, such as this day, I will scan some sketches and then draw and paint digitally as I did here:


Such studies as these will often inform me in colour choices for paintings or might even become a part of or background to a figural piece with an animal or person.

And on such warm Autumn days as this, it is hard not to live out one's days a bit in the Victorian world, one does like to let dresses trail in the last of green Autumn lawns :)


Some days I find it hard to come back from the Victorian days haha, but one must live in the NOW I suppose. And a bit of what went into this day is also in my vlog so here is that if you'd like to watch: (It does play embedded as I know some do not like Youtube)

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little still life and that all of you found a moment today to be creative in whatever endeavours your heart calls and remember Stay Creative!

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