[Dragon] Share your Battle challenge (1)


First attempt at the Dragon share your battle challenge, the card that I pick for this challenge will be the Dhampir Infiltrator, its one of the newer reward cards at first I did not notice this card much until I looked at its stats from then it became one of my most used card in dragon lineups.

Link to the Battle: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_ec6e5930d866d517947cd55969bd2081&ref=dotz132

Card Background Information

EditionChaos Legion
AbilitiesSneak & double strike / Cripple (Level 5) / Affliction (Level Max)

Card level & stats

Bronze max | LV2 - +1 Health
Sliver max | LV4 - +1 Damage & +1 Speed
Gold max | LV6 - Gain Cripple & +1 Health
Diamond and above | LV MAX - Gains Affliction & +1 Speed

Pros & Cons


  • Has sneak so it can attack from any position
  • Low cost of 4, allowed in little league ruleset
  • Has Cripple at level 5 which is quite useful.
  • Has double strike which increases damage output.


  • Low HP
  • No armor

Battle rules

SymbolRule Effect
All Monsters have the Divine Shield ability.
Only Monsters with even Mana costs may be used in battles.

Total Mana : 56
Usable elements : Water, Earth, Life, Death and Dragon

Holy protection ruleset time to spam double strike and blast units to quickly do damage to the opponents' team, quite a bit of mana to use for this battle so most cards are available to use.

Team Composition

SummonerQuix the devious, having a minus 1 to speed is always nice to have unless you are in the reverse speed ruleset plus the -1 to range damage is always good less damage equal higher chance to win
Main tank, Thorns, EnrageDjinn chwala with its thorns and enrage its a pretty strong main tank with the holy protection it gets one free hit and when the opponent's main tank attacks it the thorns would break the holy protection on them making them lose that free hit protection
Debuffer, Armor shredTime mage with its -1 to the opponent's team speed, allowing my units to dodge attacks and attack first at a higher rate. The armor shred is also great removing 2 points of armor so allowing them to be killed by melee and range units faster
Sneak, Double strike, Cripple, Star of the challengeDhampir Infiltrator with its double strike and cripple paired with sneak makes it a very strong unit to field in battles, if the unit has holy protection on hit by this unit they would lose 1 max hp causing their hp to drop as well or if their was armor this would happen as well
Range Damage, Double StrikePelacor Arbalest in this ruleset with double strike it would be able to do damage since double strike makes it hit twice, once on the holy protection the second on the unit
BlastPrismologist with its blast it will help in removing the holy protection buff and do more damage as the match progresses
Sneak shield, Flying , Blast, BlindChaos Dragon has blast to remove holy protection, has blind to reduce melee and range hit chances and has flying to make it hard to hit as well.

Now on to the Battle

Round 1

They went with Thaddius Brood as their summoner which does reduce both my health and magic damage but my team is pretty balanced with 2 of each attack type.

they are playing without any blast or double strike units, their main tank does have thorns thou so its can help in removing the holy protection buff but its not going to last long since only 1 of my units would hit the main tank with melee attacks.

in this round they lost 2 units to the units while my team is pretty healthy only losing some holy protection and armor.

Round 2

Having blast and double strike is really helping in the holy protection ruleset as its basically allowing my units to takeout the opponent's team in the same turn while their team does not have the opportunity to do the same resulting in a pretty big disadvantage with their units being killed left and right

Lost 1 unit the time mage this turn to their magic sniper while they did lose like another 2 units pushing their camouflaged unit forward allow it to be attacked in the next round.

Last Round

The battle was basically over at this time since my team has an overwhelming advantage at this point with 5 units verse 2 units and 4 of my unit still have the holy protection buff and their final unit is a range unit without the close combat ability making it unable to attack when it reached the front becoming a sitting duck.

Strategy Talk

The strategy was revolves around having as many units with double strike and blast as possible with maybe a hit of thorns for the main tank as holy protection is pretty annoying buff allowing for the first hit to be negated and both blast and double strike allow for the quick removal of the buff to allow your units to damage the enemy, so in that ruleset having blast units or double strike units is pretty much vital.

Dhampir Infiltrator with its double strike and sneak its one of the better reward cards in the current set and since its a dragon card it can be used with most teams as long as you use the dragon summoner.

Good ruleset to use in:

Holy ProtectionGives it a free negate and double strike allows it to deal damage
Even StevensSince its an Even card it works in this ruleset
Explosive WeaponryDouble edged sword since it allows it to hit for more damage at the same time its quite weak so it might just die to the blast damage
Armored UpAnother Double edged sword since it protects it yet hinder it at the same time.
Lost magicSince its not a magic damage unit its not affected
EqualizerFixes its low HP problem but does make it harder for it to kill units.

Thanks for the battle challenge curation team

If you are interested in the game, here's my referral link: https://splinterlands.com?ref=dotz132