[Supply Runner] Share your Battle challenge (1)



First attempt at the Supply Runner share your battle challenge, its a pretty ok card to use with its kinda high speed and is a range unit so it can attack from the backline.

Link to the Battle: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_a3c06b223b5252602290319675d2cd68&ref=dotz132

Card Background Information

EditionChaos Legion
AbilitiesSwifftness (LV5)/ Strengthen (LV10)
SymbolRule Effect
image.pngAll friendly Monsters have increased Speed (+1 speed)
image.pngAll friendly Monsters have increased Health (+1 HP)

Card level & stats


Bronze max | LV3 - +1 Speed & +1 HP
Sliver max | LV5 - Gains swiftness
Gold max | LV8 - +1 Speed & +1 Damage
Diamond and above | LV MAX - Gains Strengthen

Pros & Cons


  • High speed value at 3 at level 1
  • Range attack can attack from backline
  • Decent HP pool at 4
  • Neutral can be used with all elements


  • High Cost at 6
  • No armor to block damage

Battle rules


SymbolRule Effect
image.pngAll healing abilities are removed from Monsters and Summoners.
image.pngAll Monsters have the Blast ability.

Total Mana : 44
Usable elements : Fire, Water, Earth and Death

Anti heal and blast a great combination to play in making things that attack fast pretty good to use since having the first strike can wipe out the opponent's team with the addition of the blast damage

Team Composition

Role: Summoner

Kelya Frendul with the ruleset of no healing and blast having more speed and armor is always good, faster attack might protect my units from being taken out since higher speed does give dodge chance.

Position: Main Tank/ Trample

Diemonshark with the blast it becomes better since its trample can be triggered also has high armor and HP along with a pretty high speed of 4 which becomes 5 after the buff

Role: Debuffer/ Void/ SubTank

Baakjira with its slow debuffer making the opponent even slower to give my team a better chance of first attack and with its void it can reduce magic damage taken with its massive HP pool of 11 it works well as my subtank

Role: Magic Damage/ Void/ Phase

Djinn Oshannus with magic and blast it does quite a bit of damage and with phase and void it can dodge while taking less magic damage as well which is always good in blast matches along with its high speed of 5, 6 after summoner buff

Role: Magic Damage/ Armor giver

Venari Wavesmith does magic damage and give armor what is more to be said great to use anything that can reduce damage

Role: Range Damage

Axemaster a high speed range unit with double strike and during blast it does even more damage.

Role: Range Damage/ Star of the challenge/ Sneak shield

To round off the team Supply Runner as i had the cost to run it with its high speed it makes a good addition into my line up as well as its decent hp pool allowing it to be a sneak shield for the axe master keeping it alive longer if the opponent has sneak units

Now on to the Battle

Round 1


They went with a magic heavy team with a void main tank and a taunt tank at the back, on the other hand my team is quite balanced with a bit of each damage type.

The armor is helping prevent some the damage from reaching my units as well as that void showing its worth by negating some of the blast damage.

both axemaster and supply runner are doing good work by doing damage and since the opponent does not have any sneak units they are safe from backstabs

Round 2


Both axemaster and supply runner doing good damage on the unicorn mustang since they are range and it has void with reduces magic damage, which does not affect the 2 of them which is great if i was playing all magic damage it might not have worked.

Round 3


once their main tank fell the round was over since it was very one sided at this point with all my attacks minus my main tank being alive at this point of time resulting in my win.

Strategy Talk

Supply runner good to use if you have the cost for it since its neutral it can be used with any element which is good if ruleset restrict what cards are available having neutral cards give more options.

It be stronger if used with general sloan since that summoner buffs the amount of range damage dealt making the supply runner hit harder.

However due to the high cost unless you have leftover cost this card might not be the first choice you would pick in other elements.

Thanks for the battle challenge curation team

If you are interested in the game, here's my referral link: https://splinterlands.com?ref=dotz132


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