My plans for the future

Good afternoon guys. Hope you are having a pleasant day coz I am. And by the way guys, I would be celebrating by birthday on Sunday so wish me well. I’d finally clock 16. Check out my pic at 16 years.
Well that’s aside. This blog post is to share my passion with you guys about what I’d want to do with my life.
I see myself as someone that has a lot of potential and I would want to see how I can impact the world with those potentials. I’d love to be a great person and make a great impact to my country and the world. In short, I just want to make the world a better place.
I finished my secondary school education as one of the best students in the science department. I always represented the school in competitions and I was really popular among the students. Most of us if not all know the state that Nigeria is in now and I have always wanted to change it in a way. My dream career is to become a Military Officer and I’ve always wanted to attend the Nigerian Defence Academy to become a military scientist.


But I’ve not had a lot of support on that from friends and even my parents because according to them “It’s too dangerous”. But I won’t let any of that deter me, I’m will sit for their examination and I would make sure that I pass it in flying colours. Here is the school logo.

nda logo.png

I know all these would not be easy but I have to work for it. Although I must admit, all the screening exercises that we would be subjected to before admission seems scary like the 3.2km endurance race which we are expected to cover the distance in 18 minutes. But to be the best, one has to work for it.
Hopefully, if I get in, I would discipline myself and make sure to be the best serving cadet in my set. With God on my side, I believe that this is possible. After graduating with a BSc. In Military Science, I would love to further my Knowledge and get a masters’ degree and even a PhD. But all of this, I’d love to get it in the United States Military academy. The reason I picked the United States Military Academy is because the United States is known to have the best military personnel in the world. After I am done with that, I would now come back to Nigeria to use the new skills I have learnt to start developing new innovations and gadgets to tackle insecurity which is one of the major challenges facing Nigeria. Of course, I cannot work alone. I would have to work with a team of experts that are working with me which would have to include engineers (mechanical and electrical), computer experts and other military scientists like myself. Then, I think we can actually tackle insecurity. So you see I have actually got all of that planned out.
At the same time, I would also not neglect my family. I would always try to be with them. And I also would love to have a string of businesses. I would love to own schools, hotels, manufacturing companies, restaurants and a couple of others which would at the same time bring money in so that my family would not lack anything.
I know, all of this must seem too good to be true but I personally think it’s very possible. But with God with me, all things are possible. So what did you think guys? Let me know in the comment section.