Film Review: Blood Run (1994)


Certain films deliver the good for their targetted audience very quickly, like in the case of Blood Run, 1994 erotic thriller directed by Boaz Davidson. Two wealthy and attractive women are enjoying lesbian idyll, which is violently ended when one of them, fitness trainer Billy Soriano (played by Stephanie Swinney), gets murdered. Brad Kingsbury (played by David Bradley) is police detective in charge of investigation. Despite being prone to violence, alcohol and a lousy father, all those flaws don’t prevent him from seducing Tanya Borgman (played by Anna Thomson), victim’s surviving lover. The situation is, however, complicated when it becomes obvious that his female partner Paige (played by Ashley Laurence) is in love with him and even more complicated when it turns out that the most likely murder suspect is Tanya.

Success of Basic Instinct led to plenty of, usually low budget or direct-to-video, films that tried to copy its formula, but few were as shameless as Blood Run. Like in that film, here the protagonist happens to be police detective burdened with addiction problem; he very unprofessionally gets in bed with a chief murder suspect who also happens to be bisexual; finally, all this is complicated with love triangle featuring a woman with whom protagonist works professionally. Inevitable comparisons with Basic Instinct would be predictably bad for this film, directed by Boaz Davidson, Israeli film maker best known for his work with Cannon Films and popular series of sex comedies Lemon Popsicle. He, to a degree, tries to do things somewhat differently than Paul Verhoeven, but his lack of style is apparent, especially in scenes that can’t hide film’s relatively low budget and in which uses violent action more appropriate to genre different than erotic thrillers. Anna Thomson isn’t particularly effective as cold icy femme fatale, and the only advantage she has over Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct is somewhat more impressive cleavage. The rest of the cast, with sometimes overenthusiastic Ashley Laurence being notable exception, is forgettable. Blood Run can be recommended only to the least demanding audience in the circumstances when they have ran out of sensible alternatives to spend an hour and half on.

RATING: 3/10 (+)

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