How I convinced my girlfriend to join the HIVE BLOG :)


Her name is @name0 😃
A few days ago I told my girlfriend that there was a platform where I could generate extra income in addition to work.
At first she didn't stick very well as she already had an inactive account, I told her to keep it and give it life.

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I think the best thing we have to do when someone is new to Hive is to encourage us, as it's not always easy for the "whales" to notice us and the content, she took a lot of pictures on our vacation so she decided to start posting with some regularity.
Many of the posts had 0 likes and I don't have much power either, as I'm starting my account again after the hive madness hit $1 and I paid for my car, which was one of the biggest feats I've achieved with the HIVE Blog

I continued to insist with her and tell her never to give up because one day someone would give her a good vote and she would be more willing to post just like I did when I started on HIVE

Her name is @name0
she joined about a month ago and has been posting frequently to this day @neoxian n left her with a smile on her face and called me happy right away.

All this to say that sometimes we need to need and not give up.
This vote was very important to her because it was the engine for her not to give up doing content here

Here's her post for anyone who wants to see, the photos were all taken by her with the Iphone 7

For all the new people who are coming to this new community don't give up , we are the hive family after all :)
we all work for one movement