My recovery day


Good afternoon friends or suddenly in what time zone you find yourself.
to varios post , which I say I will be more regular with post but my life is a little messed up.

I recently went to spend a weekend in the countryside , well the views are really breath - taking plus some pictures I had a little fun , which helped me overcome this kind of weight and made me breathe a little .
I think that not only me but this virus has spoiled my mind a little and I am unwilling to do anything.


As I said, I went away for a weekend and I'm going to show you some photos of a plant from the habitat whose name I don't know for sure but I found it very beautiful because, in addition to being fulfilled, it manages to move at the taste of the wind as a freedom.


That freedom we are all needing.
I think the virus has done a lot of harm to my mind because when I talk a little I feel like crying.
I'm a little depressed to be honest.


Well I hope it gets better soon .
Hope to be back in some time I hope that little.
See you soon, thanks for following me


Hey @drewo, sorry to hear you're feeling down. However, you should be aware that when sorrow comes, it is carving space in your being so it can contain more joy (Paraphrased from the verse Joy and Sorrow from The Prophet, a collection of verses from Kahlil Gibran. Highly recommended - you can find it freely by searching DuckDuckGo (i highly recommend not using google as doing so supports the violence, including mass-murder that they perpetrate through censorship).

Also. A prescription from me (i'm not a doctor so you can trust me :-) for your depressed state, guaranteed to uplift you.

  1. Begin the Presence Process (by Michael Brown). Send me your Telegram or email in Bee Chat and i'll send it to you.
  2. Do some fasting. Water or Juice fasting (even urine therapy if you can).

Hope this helps.

Sat Nam


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