VISIT PORTUGAL_ Amares (Installation by the river)

On my walk this Sunday, after lunch in the early afternoon, we went for a walk along the river, which has an extensive garden.
A new place for me so we went in search of discovery, what intrigued me was the garden just beside the river beach.


With a cement look and feeling like tubes in the way it was placed, it felt like a snake.
But at the same time with such grandeur that it was converted into a summer bar with chairs and even some tables

Apparently something temporary made of concrete with the brambles taking over the place through the small openings in the rings


As many of you know, I am passionate about photos with geometry and this one gave me a certain pleasure in photography because it was something new that I had never seen before, and it was big enough to put me in or even sit by. a few moments in the armchairs that existed in it.
Good idea, a little tidy, but very interesting in the surrounding area with lots of light and by the river.
We can almost imagine that scorching summer sun and us in that cool "tube of coffee" during the hottest hours of summer.
The image speaks for itself, and that's why I think it deserves a separate post because this installation seemed unique and I noticed that those who went through it were not indifferent

Better than that, black and white makes the image more dynamic, and contrasts with the whitish tones of the concrete, thus making images quite expressive in the dark of its interior and its surroundings.
Well for today is everything I hope you like it


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