Cyanotypes: My New Thing

As anyone who has followed me any amount of time knows, I am a huge fan of photo manipulation.


But digital art gets a bit tedious sometimes. And I've always been intrigued by analog stuff.


I was born just at the tail end of film photography, and honestly I was an early adopter of digital photography. At the time digital cameras sucked. But they sucked in a good way, I loved the grainy pixelated images that I could make. Film was great, but it was expensive and as a college student I had little spare cash for film and development.


Plus all I could afford was little point and shoot cameras, so it wasn't like I was making super artsy photos anyway.


Anywho. On to cyanotypes. I have been getting back to roots in a lot of areas since my life fell apart in 2020. I want to know where things come from. I started listening to the earliest recordings I could find, watching silent films, even digging back to the roots of my faith.


I want to go old school in everything. And while digging around the roots of photography I discovered cyanotypes.


Cyanotypes aren't photographs per se. They are more of a printing process. I won't bore you with the details of chemical reactions and such, but to simplify, cyanotypes are made by coating watercolor paper with a light sensitive paper and then exposing them to uv light.


After a few minutes you rinse the paper and you get these amazing blue images.


These are contact prints I made with photo transparencies. Most of them are original images I edited into negatives, but some of them (the Demon Slayer characters and Naruto above) are just images I found online to make into coasters and buttons and such. I enlarged them and created transparencies out of them.


I wish I could scan them all, but these photos do some justice. Anything you would like to see in a cyanotype? Perhaps one day I'll post about how I make them...



Thanks for reading!

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Those looked amazing! I think this was a badass post and it's good to hear your are getting back to your roots. Cheers bro