Little Spy

I felt a tremendous anguish in my heart for the first time, as if a hot knife had been used to slash my heart in half, since I was betrayed by my four-year-old brother, with whom I had done something cooperatively and vowed not to tell dad or mum.

My video game was taken by my parents, and they told me I couldn't play it for three months. This is so harsh and cruel to me that I can't imagine without being able to play my beloved video game.

I need to do my best to remain a good boy in my parents' eyes, in the hopes of being forgiven by lessening the time or receiving absolute forgiveness. I was cut off from playing video games for three weeks at this point, and I began to experience withdrawal symptoms. Every weekend that passed, I felt strange inside. Until one weekend when my parents went to an event and told me to babysit my brother until they returned later in the evening.

After they went, I had the idea to negotiate a bargain with my younger brother by buying him toys and ice cream so that he would be delighted and let me play without telling mummy and daddy. Because I know where my father put my video game, I can get it out and play it later, then return it without them knowing.

After reaching an agreement with my younger brother, I began playing my video game while he was occupied with the new toys I had purchased for him and eating his ice cream. This is a win-win situation for both of us because we both received exactly what we wanted. I cheerfully returned the video game with a sense of achievement after playing for the day, and when my parents arrived home hours later, I was comfortable as if nothing had occurred, but little did I know I was about to be thrown off balance.

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Dad called junior (my younger brother) to collect the gifts he had brought for him, and he immediately noticed an ice cream stain on his mouth as well as several new toys.

He inquired as to why Junior was acting so strangely, and Junior instantly opened his lips and said how I made a bargain with him in order to play video games.

Dad became enraged and yelled my name so loudly that even the neighbors could hear him. At this moment, I knew I was in big trouble; that day will forever be remembered by me since I went through a lot in my father's good hands, which resulted in the destruction of my video game.

Children are innocent, and their allegiance is always with their parents; no matter how big the deal is, they must report to their parents, I suppose. This is something I had to learn the hard way.

Thank you and have a lovely day.