To My Unborn Child.


Make time and enjoy yourself today, because if you don't, troubles will not seek your permission to make time for themselves.

This post is for my future children; I hope they understand that I am simply trying to have fun in any way I can.


My parents, teachers, and society have always tried to instill in me the value of planning for the future since I was a child. They adhere to the concept that by not planning your life and limiting your happiness, you may be squandering money intended for the future.

Despite careful planning on how to spend my monthly allowance in college, I have limited my spending, purchased only what I require, and reduced some excesses, but at the end of the month, I am left with an empty pocket. This prompts the question: can lavish spending truly ensure a better tomorrow?

Parenting is difficult because it requires many sacrifices and responsibilities to raise a child and provide everything he or she requires, which begins the moment the child is conceived. You must ensure that your child attends a good school and set aside time to play with them and assist them with their homework, among other things.

The joy of parenthood comes from training, guiding, and watching them grow into adults; for the boys, you get to play football ⚽, tennis 🥎, hang out, talk about women and how I met my wife, and grab a few bottles of beer 🍺; for the ladies, my wife will teach her everything she needs to know about being a good woman. With time, they will begin to repay you for all you have done to ensure that they have the best life possible.

To my unborn children, I am not attempting to be selfish; rather, I am trying to enjoy life and build lovely memories.

I'm sorry, but I won't be able to wait before enjoying all I've given to train you until you're an adult. I'll begin to enjoy myself from the moment you enter this world. I'll share some of your baby foods 🍝 with you, such as when I make your food, I'll take a few spoonfuls before you eat, when I open your juice 🍾, I'll take a few drinks, and the same goes for your infant formula milk 🍼.



Well, for me, this might not work out since I've seen some parents go from one health difficulty to another, from one courtroom to another, and from one family quarrel to another when it's time for them to enjoy and be cared for by their children.


In my humble opinion, we should not postpone or prepare a particular day to enjoy ourselves; every day is a special day, and you should make the most of it. Tomorrow is uncertain, and we cannot predict or control how it will turn out, but we can control today and influence its outcome to some extent.
Because of what occurred to a family friend, I made this decision. This man was a hardworking when he was younger, and he liquidated almost all of his assets to ensure that his seven children completed college. Now it's time for him to relax, enjoy, and be cared for by his now wealthy children, but guess what? He's in the hospital with hemiparalysis. This is heartbreaking, and I almost cried when I learned what had happened to him during my Easter visit home.


Thank you and have a lovely day.