Curation Rewards Shares Of October 2022 Are Payed


It's Payday Today

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Curation Rewards Shares Of October 2022 Are Payed

15.272 HIVE to @syalla
8.085 HIVE to @nevlu123
2.317 HIVE to @rayhan111
1.594 HIVE to @bristy1
1.193 HIVE to @nerdtopiade
1.180 HIVE to @bitandi
1.131 HIVE to @shuvobd1
1.131 HIVE to @circlebubble
1.129 HIVE to @gamer00
0.382 HIVE to @filosof103
0.286 HIVE to @eryll
0.249 HIVE to @zafar82
0.182 HIVE to @melfina
0.146 HIVE to @monkeydex
0.127 HIVE to @direct2
0.124 HIVE to @crimo
0.124 HIVE to @bucipuci
0.115 HIVE to @pedrobrito2004
0.115 HIVE to @lammbock
0.114 HIVE to @tommycordero
0.114 HIVE to @roger.remix
0.113 HIVE to @viniciotricolor
0.113 HIVE to @iamjabez
0.059 HIVE to @isha46
0.057 HIVE to @lilip
0.056 HIVE to @dede85
0.011 HIVE to @chinito

Thank you very much for all your delegations.

Delegators get 100% of their share, paid every month.

Why to delegate?

  1. To support the Free Hive Voting Service.
  2. When you don't vote regularly, you lose money.
  3. When you have few power, you lose dust. Your votes could earn nothing if the post doesn't reach the payout threshold.

How to delegate

Navigate to your Hive wallet, open the drop-down menu to the right of your hive power balance, and click Delegate.

Write droida in the To field, and choose the amount to delegate. In order to undelegate, set the delegation to 0.

Hive On!

Don't hesitate to make use of the Free Hive Voting Service for yourself or to reward others.


Dear @droida,
May I ask you to review and support the new proposal ( so I can continue to improve and maintain this service? The proposal support Level is close to 100% and your approval could help it to be funded.
You can support the new proposal (#240) on Peakd, Ecency, or using HiveSigner.

Thank you!


Dear @arcange,

I vote for the return proposal. Most services and projects already existed before the proposal system introduction. Its absence would not have discontinued the services, but only make them less lucrative than they were already.

I think whales should not be paid more to continue what they were already doing before, like running a market maker bot, an api node, giving badges, providing an authentication service or a downvote service... Developers take advantage of the platform and should not be paid for that.

You do a hard and good work for the platform, and I thank you for it! You were already doing that for Steem.
I heard you now make a living out of Hive. Congratulations! Fucking legend!


Thank you for your feedback. I won't bother you anymore with such requests.


Congratulations @droida! You have completed the following achievement on the Hive blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s):

You distributed more than 43000 upvotes.
Your next target is to reach 44000 upvotes.

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