New Moon and Navigating the Shadow + Daily Runes


A chance to go deep

New Moon in Scorpio today, folks! You may already be feeling the effects of this energy, very sensual, very dark. I see New Moons as doorways, and Scorpio is the quintessential rabbit hole, the deepest emotional landscapes, the caverns, jungles and dense spaces of our psyche. There's only one requirement for this energy: Shadow Work. There's no better way to fully harness the Plutonian labyrinths, and today's runic message pretty much sums it up. Most people don't like to visit their shadows consciously, understandably afraid of what they might find, but experiencing our shadows isn't something that we can refuse, we do it whether we want it or not. I've found it's always best to do it willingly, it becomes a kind of training and strengthens us for further explorations.

I'm sure you've heard things like "Gotta stay positive" or "Look on the bright side" or "Keep the spirits up", and other variations of that. I don't question the good will behind that advice, but the fact is that you can't always be like that, there's a time for joy and a time for grief, and no matter how hard to try, we can't turn night into day just by wishing it. The more we daydream about a life of perfect peace and fun, the less we experience the reality around us, with its own beauties and challenges, and it just happens to us, generating all sorts of consequences that we can't work with as long as we persist on daydreaming. In other words, a full life has its clear spots and its dark corners, we walk through them all the time. Just make a simple exercise, go over your week, your feelings and interactions, your reactions and thoughts; chances are you'll find a bunch of instances where you reacted poorly to someone's words, or complained a lot at work, or had to manage quite a bit of anger. This is noise and shadow, it affects your reality all the time.


Repressed emotions and uncomfortable memories are like constantly bleeding wounds, they cripple us and impair our skills, discipline and senses. They also distort our sense of self to the point that we identify with the wounds, believing that they're integral to who we are. This is why deliberately working with our shadow is important, it allows us to dismantle those aspects and read them, to discard the burdens and keep the knowledge. It's a great way to learn from ourselves.

In this New Moon and indeed, throughout this Scorpio season, take some time to explore your inner depths and see what's in there, especially the scary or depressive stuff, the dusty rooms and corridors, the strange passages and horror films in our minds. All of that conceals great treasures of wisdom and trust, but we gotta move through the boneyards and undergrounds we carry inside. We'll manifest them in front of us anyway, and with far less preparation, if we don't enter them responsibly. Let this energy scorch the outer layers of noise and go further than you've ever gone before into yourselves. Don't stop until the shaking and the cold had stopped, until you can genuinely thank the Universe for the process. I guarantee that you'll come out lighter and much freer.

Runic Line.png

Uruz Laguz.jpg

Night Rune: Uruz

Treatments for the bones. Many people dressed in black, one of them is a man in a top hat and a skewed suit.

Daylight Rune: Laguz inverted

Swim in the deepest water of your emotionality, descend to the lower layers of your memory, flow with your shadow, recognize your doubts, study your insecurities. The burning lava dissolves the layers that conceal the most basic structure, the simplest principle; allow the sensation defeat all resistance, let your inner night flourish. Work on your instincts and compulsions, on the most profound and difficult emotional spaces; use your expression wisely, silence is a great ally. Navigate your past, what you see now you have already seen before. Your Heart always knows what it wants, reduce the drama and listen. The Alchemy is to pass from absence to presence, do not deny any aspect of your being.


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