Photo Tour of Haines, Alaska


As expedition leader aboard an expedition cruise ship I am usually busy planning and preparing onboard, or leading trips out in the field. However, every once in a while I will join an organized tour in a port. It just so happened that I had a little time to get off the boat for one such tour in Haines, Alaska.
Haines is at the very top of the famous Inside Passage. It was a photo tour of the surrounding countryside. The landscapes in Alaska are something that dreams are made of. Early in the season there are also wildflowers that can add a splash of color to the scene as well.

Check out the glacier carved lake and beautiful Haines.

SilverseaV6912 (46 of 66).jpg
Chilkoot Lake. Absolutely breathtaking.

SilverseaV6912 (16 of 66).jpg
My expedition ship with a splash of color form the shoreline.

SilverseaV6912 (61 of 66).jpg
Lupin blooming along the Alaskan shoreline.

SilverseaV6912 (21 of 66).jpg

SilverseaV6912 (20 of 66).jpg
Can you think of a more relaxing place than this?

SilverseaV6912 (57 of 66).jpg
All I need is a kayak to head out on this lake.

Hope you enjoyed this walk around town.

And you can check it out on
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-Dai Mar


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Wow, Alaska! That is something! Love it, hope to visit once myself as well...