Findings and stories in the garden in the morning

Early in the morning I was already in the garden to complete some routines in the garden. Among them are repairing several parts of the garden fence that have been damaged. The garden fence that I made from small and medium logs has reached 2 years, and many of them have blisters and need repair.

Around 9 in the morning, I repaired some of the damaged parts of the fence, I installed the logs that I had cut yesterday. Finished a few parts, I tried to check around the fence, check some of the objects that I will photograph.

Around the garden you can still see and feel the dew still clinging to the leaves, the sun's light has not fully penetrated to the very bottom of the grass, it feels cool from the dew which also still wets my feet and fingers when I do activities in the garden.

It's a very small object that I photographed. you can see a pile of rocks, it looks like eroded coral, and grass that looks still covered in cool dew. I took the small object using a macro lens to make it look like a mountain of rocks and trees around it.

Here, a very small white mushroom, he was only slightly taller than the grass not taller than my toes.

When you are in the garden, you will not find this mushroom if you are not squatting and really paying attention between the grass. I also captured it using a macro lens.

On some broken wooden fence stakes, I found a different type of fungus. The purple color looks very pretty. Nor is it any bigger than the smallest finger.

I thought of a cartoon, an ant movie, there are mushrooms and ants, and those leaves look pretty good in the edits of a cartoon, but in my macro lens view it's not bad either. :)

The ant looks like it's having an attack, or maybe it's looking for a hiding place from the enemies that are chasing it.

Here he is. The most frightening enemy for antiks. He was trying to ambush an ant he was going to tie to his net for dinner tonight.

There will always be interesting stories of the movement we get in nature. Everything offered by nature has a purpose and purpose. Our job is to protect and enjoy it. Make the environment, forests and nature in general an inspiration and relaxation. That's all.

Thanks For Reading


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