The future is bright: The words I need to hear

Dear me,

It's been a while. I've been busy with too many things, forgetting the one who matters to me most. Life has not been easy out there, when everything seems as if it's working, storms of life hits and everything goes crumbling. I'm a devoted christian, I try to reach out to the needy, I pay my tithes and give my offerings, but it seems all these don't wedge troubles, I still see them come speaking boldly to my face and breaking my hope while dashing my faith against the wall. I'm trying to live my best life, content with what I have, but then , I remember I'm also responsible for the needs of others.

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This doesn't mean I'm not happy. I still find joy in the little things that I do and the friends I have. But then, silently I'm dying inwardly but grin outwardly just to show the world how tough I am. Sometimes I wish these could all be over, to live as a free bird with no troubles. I had always wished this , but it has dawned on me that this wish is just an illusion. Life is more than we see from the outside.

The string I'm still holding onto from giving up is the fact that the future holds something great. I've heard this over and over again and I just want to hear these words of affirmation that everything will soon be over, because the future is pregnant with everything I ever wanted and fought for. I want to be affirmed that this future I'm hoping for is bright and it's just the exact answer to my desire. I want to hear that I'll find peace when all storms are over and reach a point where my past will be a story to encourage others to never give up.

This is in response to the weekend Experience question "what you need to hear"