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My brothers and I grew up in the care of our grandma. She was strict and had rules over everything we did including eating. Anytime anyone belched while eating, he was asked to stop eating whether he was satisfied or not. According to her, belching while eating meant one's stomach was full and going ahead to eat was an act of Gluttony. So, whenever we are eating in the dining room, We tried as much as possible not to belch. How is gluttony a sin, when the good of our wealth is from that which we eat? I can guess someone is already asking. gluttony means eating in excess. Whatever is done in excess always has negative implications. It's good to eat, enjoy all you can when you still can. Only gluttons can tell the taste of every food. A female friend once told me the reason she prefers a man that eats much is because he would always return home and eat from her pot of food not minding the fact that he had eaten outside.

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Gluttony becomes a sin when one can't put a knife to his throat. He may easily be cajoled into doing anything for the love of food. They are susceptible when the matter of food is discussed. Men given to appetite can sell the truth for a morsel of bread. Whatever you can't control becomes a deadly poison that affects people around. The bible advice that we consider the meal before us when we meet with rulers. Most people have sold their conscience for bread, they're never satisfied with little, they eat everything that's presented before them and vomit it with a hard price to pay. Gluttony can be a portal for the devil , he can present the delicacies we desire for a bidding with him.

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