PsyberX Scholarships Coming Soon (Hive Blockchain NFT)


Today I want to talk a little bit about the scholarships to play PsyberX, it is really very important to be aware of all our projects, from my point of view we offer the best investments in Hive at the moment and we are proud of it. A very important point is that we simply need to keep promoting our project and reach a lot of users, I currently have a lot of time in Hive and I can say that there are simply a lot of people who want to make good investments or simply have their investment portfolio diversified and that is great for investors' personal finances.

We understand that in Leofinance there are many investors who are gurus in finance and we take that into account, so we have decided to make a really nice proposal, this proposal is based on promoting the LeoGlossary as it is a good idea to bring engagement and above all value to Hive. Many have asked me about the LeoGlossary and basically this is not an investment, this is a project to position and I have also seen how has positioned itself effectively thanks to this decentralized database, basically the LeoGlossary what it seeks is to increase organic traffic and attract writers, investors, developers to our blockchain.


PsyberX Scholarships, PsyberX Marketplace & LeoGlossary Discussion

As I said before, today I want to talk a little bit about the scholarships that we will be giving out to the members of the community closest to us, but it is something that I am sure you will be able to opt for some of these scholarships and enjoy playing to win, I have read some posts from some users and basically they are right, basically they comment that Play2earn doesn't have to be boring and that's something to keep in mind, we want our NFT system to be really fun and entertaining and that's what will position PsyberX as one of the best Play2Earn games on Hive and we are really working hard for that.



We want to do some giveaways because we simply want to get a lot of reblogs and above all reach a really nice audience with your help and that's our goal, we want to give a shout out to most people, especially the influencers on Hive because we simply have a lot of things in common and we want to make good investments.

Rules to enter the giveaway:

  • Reblog this post
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  • Tag 5 friends
  • Vote for your favorite witness (optional)

Important note: We do this for Marketing our projects and because we want to bring value to Hive, we are committed users and above all we love our blockchain, I hope you like to participate, if not, we ask you in advance to ignore our shout and continue doing your homework, above all we apologize and we will be grateful to receive your apologies, please mention me in a comment to remove you from the list, thank you for your support.

We invite you, I hope you enjoy the reading:

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Psyber-X Delegation Changing to Manual Curation Soon!

(1 step at a time we will move to manual curation, for now still giving votes to delegators yet lowering %'s for most tiers and monitoring much closer to combat Hive farming)

Curators beginning soon are


Why Consider Delegating HIVE Power to @psyberx

Here's a few reasons why you should

  1. 50% of curation paid back daily to delegators with 5% utilized to pay manual curation team plus PSX Delegations upon launch to be announced.
  2. Upvotes for delegators with quality content tightly monitored by manual curators, %'s lowered and manual voting begins soon.
  3. Delegation system is 100% automated providing daily payments automatically coming 7 days after you begin your delegation.

Click a link below to delegate to PsyberX

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oh boy... editing as my content producer is getting downvoted, guess no more producing content on Hive for him, changing posting key soon as possible


oh boy... editing as my content producer is getting downvoted, guess no more producing content on Hive for him, changing posting key soon as possible