World War III or Green Energy, Who Will Destroy the Earth First?

Climate Change, Global Cooling or Heating

Are you fighting the wrong fight?

Let's not argue for a moment and weigh the facts

  1. the air is dirty as fuck all over the world especially in big cities
  2. we need to change some things or our great grandkids can't breathe
  3. stop considering what they say, turn your television off and logout of social media
  4. look at what green energy costs both in coal, oil & polluting the earth

Green Energy

Not as clean as you might have been programmed to believe as it costs more energy to create than it ever produces

Screenshot (2441).png

Oil - Keystone Pipeline

Oil is also not necessary as energy is free via frequencies as we can see via many videos posted from around the world people are making their own devices at home
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The energy equation is E = hν. E represents energy, h represents Planck's constant (6.626 x 10 -34 J · s), and v represents frequency. The energy equation is a direct relationship between frequency and energy because as frequency increases, so does energy.

Corrupt Governments and the rich elite will continue to destroy the earth and your health before lifting a finger or spending a cent to help you! That you can count on

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As we push via proxies in Taiwan & Ukraine China threatens us for our cyber attacks & Russia threatens to Nuke us yet we continue to funnel money and weapons to the Nazis in Ukraine while Politicians and Stars visit the country and party...

War or Movie?

Let's talk about Bill Gates for a moment who owns more farmland than anyone or corporation. This guy hires the guy who creates microsoft OS and creates viruses to sell you software to fix them (caught doing this years ago) and also used to speak about the world being very over populated and how vaccines are one of the ways to fix that. He now is a virus expert in human health and says the vaccines are good to go as well so let's trust him, I am getting my 7th booster shot how about you?

Sad day when Putin seems like the most logical of world leaders and he is threating nuclear war...

Rome fell & nobody thought that could happen... August 24th they say... what do you think?

Think The FBI is Corrupt?

They raided this family

Screenshot (2447).png

Before they raided this family...

Screenshot (2446).png

That's it, slipping in an article about current events... see how this ages


Great question! I say green energy and ESG will kill us before anything else.


Green energy and the fake climate change is already harming us...