Bitboy Investigates FTX



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In the first congressional hearing of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried was it was seen the top investors of FTX were not mentioned in this hearing. This a very fishy information I got from the @cryptowendyo before she bowed out of the topic on Youtube. After she did that, she allowed @Bitboy_crypto (Ben Armstrong) to take on the role of the macho man and do the investigating.

Bitboy has been trying to get an interview with SBF, waiting outside his house sending messages and doing all we can while the Main Stream Media is focused on Elon Musk and trying to find flaws to destroy Elon’s reputation.

Bitboy found Pills and an MSI laptop in Sam’s house. He mentions how the workers in the area have not seen anyone visit the area since this incident.

One thing I want to apologize for is the fact that I thought regulation was the biggest problem with the crypto market right now. As it turns out these big companies do not care about your regulation, and when they want to take money from the masses, they do it without respect.

@cryoptwoendy outlined that when the public calls for regulations these companies can simply fine for bankruptcy and call it a day. When they do it gives them time to cover up their tracks.

Metamask updating its privacy and revealing that it will now be tacking users and giving out user data to bigger bodies. There are rumors of the IRS employing over 60 new staff. There are talks that these officials will be placed in charge of the government.

It is interesting to see what all these means for the market as time goes on. I still remember the hack that happened to my brother's account on one of the so-called decentralized wallets. It changed my view on Defi and even Cub.

Too many things are happening in the crypto space, stay tuned with my leofinacne blog!! (2).gif

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