Egg prices behaving like gas prices with a hint of shortage


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There has been a little stir up around the world (except Nigeria…or Africa) about the price of eggs. Even though this doesn't affect me directly, I am going to write about it because it's really crazy how in this year, egg prices in the US have tripled.

As for the reason behind this spike in price, think Avian flu, CNN adds Ukraine-Russia war but please…think Avian flu. **CNN **will find any reason to bring out a self-imposed sanction on itself as the reason behind anything. In their article, they explain that somehow the energy crisis is related to the egg prices. This is why I watch Fox to balance out the CNN, the two of them keep lying to everyone.

In countries like Mexico, it has become so bad that people are smuggling eggs across the border. If you pay attention to how border control operates then you know how bad this is. They could be smuggling in diseased livestock produce at this point, but it has become too hard to handle.

In case you are not aware, Avian flu or what it is, it is a disease condition that affects birds' respiratory tracts that leaves them dead in a short time. Humans were first affected by this condition in 1997 in Hong Kong where it killed 18 people. Another strain of the virus emerged in 2003 that led to the death of hundreds of millions of birds in countries around Southeastern, Eastern and Central Asia and Romania.

If there is a huge Avian flu crisis, and birds around the world are dying like crazy so much that a $1.5 for a dozen eggs (sold last year January) is now $5.17, you would think that farmers in the US would be stinky rich. Considering prices have at least tripled, but no, farmers are complaining on Twitter and forming black markets here and there.

Well, according to farmers in the US, there is a shortage and price hike because the supermarkets do not want to translate the price increase down to the wholesale prices and farmers have been producing eggs at a much higher price than they usually do because of the energy crisis (guess CNN was right after all).

The real problem is that supermarkets are not paying the farmers their due, and I wonder what they stand to gain from that. I guess they want to win with the energy crisis.

In Nigeria, we still benefit from our government's fuel subsidy and we use kerosene lamps to keep chicken sheds warm. Manual labor is cheaper, and for a moment, you would think life is better over here, but it's not. The price of one egg has quadrupled in the last 8 years with all the benefits available, and this year, fuel subsidy will be taken off, so that will be that.

I wonder how things will be in the next couple of months. The solution to the US egg crisis seems so simple, or am I missing something?

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