March To DIAMOND - Last Night burst through to GOLD with a 24 win streak!


What a night! I really felt my summoner power as I was selecting my decks and battling my opponents last night. For me, a 24 win streak is a first, and I am quite proud of it.

You can clearly see I favor 3 summoners, the legendary Camila, the Wizard of Eastwood and Contessa Lament, with her headwinds -1 to range attacks.

Climbing out of silver I was having a lot of success with my level 4 Bortius, but up in Gold league, I am looking to find 15 more Bortius to level him up to activate the Gold level skills.

I use Pyre in specific circumstances, like my 30+ mana Magnor+MoltenOgre+LordoFire+FerexianGeneral.

I picked up quite a load of DEC, and one of the things I used it on, instead of Bortius, is this beauty. A 3 mana neutral card with Inspire really adds an incredible edge to my deck!

Though I am not eager to invest a whole lot more money, for now with the low market DEC price, likely I will be reinvesting on improving the two decks that I manage.

Here's one of the better battles to watch, SUPER SNEAK AND CLOSE RANGE, we faced the kraken up front, which is a card I don't even have.

With super sneak and the Kraken's Taunt skill, I believe my opponent might have had better luck putting the kraken somewhere else, but I can't be sure. Notice though that every attack hits the kraken until its dead! My Chain GOLEM soaks SO much damage.


Our path has been laid out - only six days remain to reach Diamond 3, something until this point, never achieved.

But up here in the GOLDEN leagues, we face tougher opponents with higher level decks.

How high can we climb? Stay tuned to find out.