SteemQuest is on, we are in a town, and NOW would be a good time to join the party!


Battle, fight, roll, play!!
This is what CHARacter wIZARD is up to today!!

STEEMQUEST is a lot of FUN!

I have been playing for a couple weeks now, there is a turn every other day, and now we are in a town!

Warcet Writes:

Some years ago I fell through a hole
I lost myself in "Block Magic", my ultimate spell.
Now piecing my self back together is my goal,
I need experience points, it's an easy sell.

My communication is rhyming room only
Its a mental condition, I can rarely overcome it
living between blocks can get pretty lonely,
Unless an adventure you can find and summit.

So now I invite you all to play STEEMQUEST,
On the cutting edge of gaming on the internet.
You will surely enjoy this role playing fest,
If you don't like the tokens you can always BURN IT.

If #STEEMQUEST isn't flavorful enough for you - Check out PIRATE WORLD!

Be aware: @reverendrum runs a tight ship matey!


Very much obliged fer the kind words on me game
There definitely be flavor that people enjoy
I'm glad so many players have join'd in fray
Newcomers are always welcome, we'll all say "ahoy!"

While Pirate World has just been gettin' its start
After two months in beta, it's evolved quite a bit
What began as an excuse to keep yelling "YARR!!!"
Has become something special that I don't want to quit

We currently be in the middle of a boss quest which has devolved into chaos. Half the players are sending boarding parties onto the ship while the rest are actively sinking said ship. Be hey, we be pirates.

And remember, newcomers always be welcome! Jump right on it, mateys! There be room fer everybody in Pirate World. Jump in when ye have time and out when ye don't. No big deal.

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Claim y'er very own ship while ye have time!

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