dCity Digest October 29, 2021 - What's the dNews around #defifarming with SIM-backed NFTs


Welcome dCitizen to this edition of the dCity Digest

dCity.io is a DeFi-Farming platform encompassing a game economy built with NFT tokens based on the hive-engine protocol. HIVE has fast and free transactions, all you need to do is follow these instructions to set up your very own HIVE wallet and play along.

Please refer to a basic tutorial, population tutorial, tech mining tutorial, citizen mining tutorial, dCity.io market interface tutorial, or even the official dCity manual for reference.

Digest Date 10/29/2021


DCity: A game that keeps on giving by @enforcer48

     It's been almost two years since I started dCity. In fact, I remember when I received my first card from @gerber.

For reference, the timestamp of that c...


Munich Haus BEER Tester #1 - BEER Community Report by @boycharlieplays

What's good everybody, it's your boy, Charlie! Today I am reporting on the illustrious #BEER token. @boycharlieplays Hive Content Creation creates blog reports on the Hive blockchain to earn a pletho...


Impressions after 3 weeks of 1UP! by @thranax

Hi all guys, here I am again to give an opinion on what I have seen throughout the week and if with this I get the community to improve, then great.
This is what I have seen this week, but please, I ...


Week dCity Progress Update - 3 Cities minted 14 Citizens and 2 Technology NFT's!! by @senstless

My City Overview
Other Random Stats I like to Track
Account Details

  • Total Cards 634
  • Basic Income 1139
  • Education 1034 (25% Discover Chance)
  • Creativity 723 (9% Discovery Chance)
  • Ne...


dCity Digest October 25, 2021 - What's the dNews around #defifarming with SIM-backed NFTs by @ecoinstats

Welcome dCitizen to this edition of the dCity Digest
dCity.io is a DeFi-Farming platform encompassing a game economy built with NFT tokens based on the hive-engine protocol. HIVE has fast and free tra...


Weekly Statistics For The $SIM Token by @achimmertens

Hello friends of $SIM, Friends of $HIVE and all others,
here are the:
SIM Statistics for the last week:
The timeframe is from 2021/10/22 - 2021/10/29.
Bought $SIM By Time
This figure shows who has bou...


Dcity - Strategic Economies by @chronocrypto

Many have known or have heard about Dcity,
Dcity our very own city where we can build our very own strategic economies, by purchasing nft cards. 1st edition is long gone and you might be able on pur...


NFTs become Committee Members, DCity Collective has it's own token on Hive-Engine called OST! by @boycharliefamily

Gamer/Creator @boycharlieplays is excited to announce the continued growth of the @boycharliefamily DCity Collective Project.
He oversees the cities of @boycharlieplays, @boycharlieville, @boycharli...


Being Patient On DCity by @numpypython

With the war tax still on going and prices for certain cards still higher than I would like, it is time to get some action by playing the markets. It isn't without its risks but it does provide a lot...


DCity strategies & Blockchain based strategic gaming experience by @citywriter

When you play a game, you should develop your strategic plan to win it. We can remember strategic game evolution since Microsoft Windows 98 inbuilt Age of Empires. Now, this strategic gaming made a b...


My Two Gold Foil Cards and Legendary Card Looted from Chests Since I Played Splinterlands. by @angelrey1990

Hey splintermates, I'm sharing with you the my two gold foil cards and legendary card looted from chests since I played Splinterlands for two months. I never expected to loot a card of high rarity ...


Introduction for this new 1up tribe, Written by a washed up druggy and at best a "has-been" in the world of Play2Earn Gaming by @eythorphoto

Good day young ones! Good day, gather around and listen to me!
Well, I have a story to tell and an introduction to make so i will get right to it and prsent this new banner made for me by the talente...


A DCity Update by @sagesigma

Taxes, and taxes, and taxes, and taxes...taxes, anyone? I once thought that the tax rate would reside, comfortably, in the 70% range for some time, but no luck. As I continue to mention that I am e...

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