Sometimes we think that obstacles are inevitable, we are prone to pity ourselves and instead of putting on renewed energy, we let ourselves be dragged by the existential winds, we are lazy to resist, for some it is preferable to follow the herd, even if it is heading for the cliff, than to try to change, we lack combativeness and initiative, we always go around saying how hard life is, if we consider that life is hard, it is preferable that instead of complaining, we prepare ourselves to face it.
We always aspire that others are the ones who change first, we look at life with dark glasses and for that reason we only see the negative and let ourselves be negatived by what others will say, it is time to change our attitude, to take off those dark glasses and throw them away, to play down the importance of others' opinion, it is time to look at existence with the eyes of the heart; if we achieve this, it is time to look at life with the eyes of the heart; if we can, we will be able to see it with the eyes of the heart, of the heart; if we succeed in doing so, we will see how magnificent that life is, that everything can be possible if we really set our minds to it, that there is no such thing as "I cannot" the "I can't", but perhaps the "I don't want to".


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