Hello guys, I'm a new member here. I hope hive lovers can help me by supporting as much as possible and also criticizing my work going forward.

Hi @anggreklestari @unorgmilitia @lovesniper today I have fulfilled your request to make an intro post about myself before continuing all future work in the Hive community. I hope you'll come under my comments column

So, introduce my name is Edogawa comes from neighboring Indonesia. I was born in Aceh which is one of the remote provinces at the tip of sumatra island.
I am now 23 and three years old, the son of five children.

Painting is one of my hobbies. Canvas, paper and pen for me are the means by which emotions and ideas are brought out.

My love of painting began as a child who liked to doodle in any place so that over time finally found a comfortable point when holding a painting device, that's where an unexpected hobby appeared.
That's about the short chronology.

There's not much I can write friends about, it's just that I want to tell you a story about first discovering hive. At first, I knew less about crypto and the like. But in the end my friend named @petak invited and also taught me the science related to Hive.

After trying it out very well, that was my first impression. How good is it?
At least here I can learn through the intake of educational readings, especially in terms of Art.

Here, I plan to spend a little time to produce some works in terms of Painting, especially using scribble art techniques and also dark art, funny art.


What is the Sribble Art technique?

Scribble Art is a messy drawing technique by making scribbles in the form of shades in all directions that are deliberately made to give a different artistic impression.

Painting with this technique was previously still considered unusual and seemed chaotic. Because, at first glance irregular scribbles are like tangled threads or can be said to resemble scratches 'chicken chequers'. However, if observed it will be clearly visible the object painted.

Learning and observing from the expert in the field of painting is also one of my goals to come here.
When I appreciate my works, what I really need is criticism from the Pro painter who built it.

This time I will present some finished works as examples that I will continue later in hive.

Here's the picture:



The picture above is the result of a piece of talent that I have applied in the medium of paper, clearly visible paintings of amateurs of course. However, in the future I will continue to learn so that at some time it may be able to produce a masterpiece.
work here.

Those are the foreword of this beginner, thanks for his attention and support.
Hopefully I can grow here.