Abundance Challenge Day 5 and 6, Less is More


We tend to want to add more activities to our schedule, to perfect ourselves when we are not working, adding so many that it becomes a juggling act. Why not ask yourself instead, what is an activity less that I could do? How can I take away one responsibility in order to connect with my inner child or with my deeper self?

It is common for people to take on meditation to tap into more energy in order to live their best lives. While that is absolutely fine, after all, that is a widespread definition of abundance, I would like to emphasize meditation as a way to be content with something like boredom, which can be understood as a moment during which not a whole lot is getting done.

Indeed, it can be more challenging to be alone with your thoughts, sitting at a table away from your phone or even a good book, than to turn on a popular streaming service like Netfix.

It is a new experience for me to live my life without fictional TV series and I quite like it. I am still not ok with being bored, but I love to seek a deeper meaning for the word.

For some, being active and busy all their lives was written in the stars when they were born, that is something we value as a society. People who don’t have the ability to log in enough hours to make a living, less so.

I like to think that a society connected to the deep field of energy and abundance would be able to allow us all to value ourselves.

The idea we have of a hard worker is a rigid concept, tailored to a society that hasn’t yet adapted to its own technologies. Back in the day, when most had to farm from dawn to dusk, perhaps we had a sense of what a hard worker was. Now, given that most of us live in cities, it takes a lot more empathy (even for a very pragmatic person) to assess what one can bring to the community as a whole.

Maybe if we stop feeling shame at our failures and celebrate them a little bit more, we would be more compassionate when someone else fails. From my experience, the individuals hardest on others are hard on themselves. If people could learn to simplify Their schedule and to celebrate silence, just imagine the potential for genuine human connection. It would be a world with deeper bonds with Nature as well.

You can find the nude version of this picture here.

Sometimes I compare myself with others on social media, that they are skinnier, have more wealth and travel the world on a daily basis.

Deepak Chopra's meditation for day 6 was refreshing in that it really help me focus on all that I already have and to be grateful.

It feels good to tackle this habit of constantly searching for external gratification.


This piece of art serves as my assignment for day 5 and 6 of this wonderful challenge hosted by @plantstoplanks and the @naturalmedicine Community. It is a manifestation of my desire to embrace this community and also serves as a very right brain kind of contract. They say an image is worth 1000 words. They were so kind to mention me.

My first online, group meditation with @bewithbreath was a delight, my mom joined in and really loved it.


  1. Drew a light sketch from a photograph on a prior ink wash
  2. erase the sketch to draw on its ghost
  3. draw it again with more detail
  4. I thought it was top heavy so I photographed it from a sharp angle
  5. Worked digitally, erasing to show a prior layer
  6. Added logo and highlights digitally, note that I deformed the logo to go with the perspective



We went to a spiritual signing workshop at Naada Yoga in the Mile-End of Montreal which was a great way to end the day with mom. Just look at that amazing deco and they even have a hairbrush for people to use. A hair brush!

There were many beautiful people sitting in a circle, eager to learn from the charismatic Kathy Kennedy who had an idea on how to make us bond. By the end of the hour, we all felt like good acquaintances. She has a way to help beginners learn from the group in an intuitive way and made sure to use my mom as a resource with her confidence acquired through signing experience. It was nice to se her do a few solos.

Meditation can really help filter out the noise in order to move with a purpose. I would love to welcome an abundance of time in my life, to do all the extraordinary things I want to do while I am in Montreal. However, I must ask myself, what is one less activity I could do in order to simplify my life.

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Yes gratitude is so important and it really helps us to connect with others. I have done this challenge before and found it very powerful. Thanks for sharing you thoughts xxx