Musings of positivity


Today, I want to talk about positivity. I am interested in hearing how you practice positivity in your daily life and I hope that I can inspire you to comment on this post with my take on it.

For me, positivity relates to the pursuit of happiness, which is one of my main goals in life. It may not be very original but it does beg the question, what is your definition of happiness?

Positivity is very similar. It has more to do with showing true empathy or even caring for someone who may be telling you to leave them alone.

It is no secret that being happy is not a constant emotion at all and so happiness has to include moments of sadness and other emotions. When I cry, I like to think about how wonderful it is that I have the privilege to express something caught inside of me. This way, I can select a large spectrum of feelings to include in my happiness success.


Positivity is very similar. It has more to do with showing true empathy or even caring for someone who may be telling you to leave them alone. It is not about telling that person what to do, but maybe they need a bit of guidance, and positivity is often a way to preach for a healthy lifestyle or even self-confidence. Trying to inspire people to have the best outcome given their circumstances is difficult indeed, so I am a little out of my depth when I say this, but I feel like real positivity has to radiate from within and hopefully help others thrive. This is why positivity is often confused with being polite, because the idea of respect to one another can vary from culture to culture.


Does positivity include faking it when you're feeling down?

Possibly in a professional setting, if possible you can keep the team strong by putting on a brave face. In my personal life, I tend not to think of it this way, positivity teaches me to be vulnerable and accept that happiness comes and goes. I am lucky to be very social so being a positive person comes naturally. However, I consider myself to be a philosopher so in a way I really don't care what people think about me and sometimes it shows.

I love this shot of Lake Lillooet which I took a few weeks ago.

I think being friendly is very different than positivity. Because whereas positivity is purely performative, being friendly is more intuitive and heartfelt. Being friendly comes natural yet positivity can get you to inspire people on a grander scale by understanding the zeitgeist of a given culture. It's more about how you come off than how you actually feel.

This is me and Simon whom I talked about in a previous blog, he is really awesome!

The part of this word that I want to reclaim the most is the idea that optimism and positivity are synonyms. I beg to differ, although I have a positive outlook to my existence, I still think this earthly plane is in for a bumpy ride, to say the least. This is because in my view, realism can coexist with this idea of being a positive person.

You need your critical thinking, no matter how pink the shades you put on.