My Rising Star Diary #292

Hello and welcome to my Rising Star diary. I have been playing this game for 323 days now, my level is 140 and I have completed 11,698 missions.

Image Source: Rising Star

At the time of writing, I have a total of 103,725 fans which includes 102,531 from 2,456 cards and 1,194 temporary drunk fans. My total luck is 21,382 and my IM is 1,861. My skill from cards is 77,898 and from lessons is 156,591 and the total is 234,489. My ego from fans is 103,725 and from missions is 105,538 with a total of 209,263.

September 18, 2022                              
STARBITS earned41,482
Temporary fans found4,635
Skill from Missions1,777
Ego from Missions834
Discarded Pizza found4
Coffee found3
Four Leaf Clover found1
XP gained1,307
Missions completed45
MissionCompleted TodayStarbits Earned
Illegal Busking75,423
Open Mic Night73,640
Midweek Support Slot2791
Radio Interview75,380
Radio Studio Session31,979
Local Mini Tour Support12,788
Band Rehearsal75,490
Full Band Support85,991
STARBITS Millionaire110,000
Orchestral Lesson21,777

Target for September 2022

Card Fans105,000102,53197.65%

Cards & Packs Purchased

Today, I spent 22,003 Starbits and purchased 3 fan cards which gave me 355 fans. Here are the cards which I bought:
R244 Cinthia (1)
R236 Marge (1)
R232 Saskia (1)

Music Promoter

I did not do the Music Promoter because the bids were too high. I use the STARPRO in doing 'Promote Fan Club' mission and to get the 10% bonus in 'STARBITS Millionaire' mission.

RisingStar is a wonderful game and I have been playing it for a long time and I play it everyday. If you want to play the game than click here.

Thats all folks! Have a nice day.

Hive games I play:
Rising Star - NFT Game
Splinterlands - NFT Game
dCity - is a city simulator game


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